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04/10/2017, 11:53:10

Thomas - I know you have a nice copy-collection (aside from your collection of authentic beads and pieces). Therefore your expertise has some weight to me.

Please note the beads in question are not mine (yet, leave alone that I am generally not the type to talk his own beads "up", while talking beads of others "down". Always found this to be foolish and poor!

In other words:
My believe that this beads are (mostly) authentic has nothing to do with my effort to see them better as they are!

I do not think there is a real killer among the lot. Many are small, rather simple, while the bigger ones are not really rare enough to buy the strand for those 4,5,6 pieces alone.

I have the same photos at hand you looked at, but are rather sure I checked each individual bead out longer than you did (and could). I saw many different signs are age and wear. Real signs - not the artificial signs to fool the naive customer.

I saw the little "holes" filled with old dust/dirt that is usually not seen on repros. Not this way! I saw the beadholes of different (!) diameters and many classic signs of wear and age that cannot be faked. Of course it is tried and naturally some of the fakers come closer to an authentic look as others, but I have handled enough ancient beads to be able to make a difference between Mister McCoy and Misses Wannabe!

Again - you have handled more of both, repros and authentic. Enough reason to take your words into consideration. Still - I cannot agree with you, in this case not even a bit.

The (many) white ones with the raised blue eyes were among those I doubted myself - first! Simply because of their rare color-combination (while the type of bead is known >Frankonia, is one! example). Looking at each individual bead in a blown-up version (as far as that was possible, without losing further resolution) brought to light all the many little nicks, chips and holes - many of whom - but not all - filled with the obligatory dust and earth of centuries. You might agree, but argue that this is a lame trick out of the fakers toolbox. Of course it is, Thomas. But our experience allows us to make a difference.

Here's another argument - one I mentioned already last night. A heavyweight and one hard to ignore: "How Chinese repros should reach 'Donbas'?" Though this is not impossible, it is not really likely. You might then say this beads were made elsewhere - probably in Ucraine itself (though we should not forget that Crimea is RUSSIAN territory now). No way - ignoring all other parameters of authenticity - that contemporary local beadmakers know about "right-twist" and "left-twist" (>Morfia) of 2-3mm composite stringes, especially those DIRECTLY applied on the (iron) mandrel, instead of a core or base. No way!!! they would and could know that. Even "if" - they would not care!

Finally money - some words on price:
How much cost a single modern repro - those we find on Ebay and beadmarkets? 4,5,6,7 Dollars? The strand consists of 70 beads. 70 x 5 = 350. Add money for postage, Ebay, Paypal we reach 500 Dollar. Add another fair amount of 200 Dollars for profit and the number is higher than the price-tag of the strand.

Most of all:
Would modern fakers really fake such beads? Are they worth the effort? Or would they target the market with more colorful, bigger and well-known specimen? Most of the beads we see here and true collector-beads. Even ones for the more advanced collector, I may say. These are no beads to wear and neither would anybody aquire them with the intention of re-sale and profit in mind.

There is one arguments that speaks for your opinion. I believe I detected two repros. The single bigger, roundish white one with green zig-zag and the one next to the next - with feather-design (though our friend does not share my opinion and believes they are possibly authentic).

India - with it's many charming "Cheap beds - No breakfast" guesthouses has told me an important lesson many years ago: "Should you find a single bed-bug under your mattresse (not mistress) - be certain there are 6000 others (this Indian rule is also valid for Bombay's rats)!"

In other words:
Should you find two fake glassbeads on a strand, look for more.

An analogy that makes good sense and raises the question if you, ultimately, may not have a point - though it's one you did not even raise!

From visual photo-analysis alone - as low-quality as the photos are - I am confident the beads on this strand, with two exceptions, are authentic specimen. Found 2017 on Crimea, dating to the II to IV centuries.

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