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03/16/2017, 15:40:59

Japan was a major faker in the 50's and 60's. Most of their early radios and TV's were (mostly) German knockoffs. They got so good ultimately that they are now the leading force in that departement of consumer goods (while the Germany companies - originally their secret teachers - went bankrupt).

Faking can also be justified to some degree, I think.

Some time ago I bought a Louis Poulsen design-lamp in China (https://www.wunschlicht.de/louis-poulsen-ph-artichoke-zapfen-60cm.html?child=74879&utm_source=GoogleShopping&gcurrency=eur&gcountry=de&gclid=Cj0KEQjw76jGBRDm1K-X_LnrmuEBEiQA8RXYZx4-JP8tTYbOHaCfzlwx_MYa1ekTDlbQvjyFgpPcyA0aAtsX8P8HAQ) for ~300$.
The VERY SAME (!!!!!) lamp cost the "criminal amount" of ca. 9.500 Dollars, when bought "as original" in Europe.
I have paid roundabout 30 times less.

The very same is valid for a whole army of design item. Since I paid only 3% of the original price for my lamp I was actually happy - I freely admit - that fakers existed to help me getting this crown-jewel of a design-lamp!

Let's fake it - "face it", sorry - faking is not only taking place in China or in the beadworld, but is an often cancerous aspect in many parts of the arts.

The term "industrial espionage" is an old, but at the same time a very modern phenomenon - done by every single corporation in every single country!

Even the trustworthy German company of "VOLKSWAGEN" begun to fake the parameters of the exhaust waste gases of their Diesel cars. Cost them billions now!

And America...?
They are leading in faking ("re-engineering" called) vehicles from other star-systems! Yes - it's true!

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