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In case it helps (but, again, not what you asked for), I searched on vulcanite + button and/or bead and/or archeology or archeological:

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Archaeological Investigations for the Cross Creek Flood Control Project, Rossville, Kansas. Volume 1.
MJ Wagner, TA Sandefur, MJ McNerney, WG Howe… - 1995 - DTIC Document
... Bottle closures, Site 14SH359 89 Figure 34. Metal artifacts, Site 14SH359 93 Figure 35. Metal
artifacts, Site 14SH359 96 Figure 36. Bone and shell buttons, Site 14SH359 99 Figure 37. Buttons
and metal artifacts, Site 14SH359, Dwight Streeter collection ... 102 Figure 38. ...
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[BOOK] The Archaeology Beneath Piper's Opera House: A Study of a Nineteenth-Century American Performance Hall
M Memmott, D Hardesty - 2004 -
... 92 Figure 6-11: Five of the fire affected ferrous pulleys from the excavation.....
92 Figure 6-12: Five of the formal buttons from the excavation..... 96 Figure
6-13: The colorless glass button inset with star pattern..... ...
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