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Posted by: joyce Mail author
09/23/2005, 15:54:13

The two beads floating in the brine solution are amber beads, the "sinkers" are plastic.The 2 beads are the far left and upper right in the first image. The simple brine test is 2 tablespoons of salt completely dissolved in 8 ounces of water. It is not totally conclusive, as there are a few plastics (mostly modern plastics) that will float in this solution. The bead in question must be free of hardware such as silver caps, etc...For my purposes, this test has been quite useful. I now have a nice group of beads that are plastic that have probably been perceived as amber many times in their existence. And some genuine amber ones have been great scores at flea markets!

ambertest2.jpg (35.7 KB)  

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