I have never heard a bead seller say: "Beads are a good investment."
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Posted by: Frederick II Mail author
04/02/2015, 20:12:42

I find myself dealing with those who collect beads only because they love them. And I tend to gravitate toward those who share the same artistic interests -occasionally, they buy from me; for this I am grateful.

Buying strictly for resale -in my short forty years of experience as a bead dealer- would not be very profitable on any level. When I buy beads because I love them, beads add beauty and enjoyment to my life and to the lifetimes of others in turn…whether we are able to resell them or not.

Those of us who are identifying important beads are preserving them for posterity when we place them into the hands of those who will give them the respect they properly deserve; I feel that this alone is a worthwhile lifetime ambition.

Getting back to the Chevron Issue, for example: So much of collecting is about connoisseurship; this is often about patina. Old chevrons are for those of us who can identify the difference. When the price drops they become affordable again -it is the cycle of life. Thus, the new and advanced collector alike can afford to become inspired again.

Just Fred -temporary custodian of a handful of collectible beads.

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