Re: Did Chinese chevrons kill the trade bead collectibles?
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04/02/2015, 12:30:26

Suzi and I have had a pretty nice collection of old glass beads at the Tucson show for the past three years and I must say that sales for us has been dismal, most buyers donít even look. The first year we did the show Matt told me that the only ones that can make any money selling old glass beads were the African dealers. I think he is right, I know that when Suzi and I were still collecting old glass beads the first people we would go see were the African bead dealers at the old Rodeway show and those at African Village .

I have a very nice strand of large old chevron beads that is and has been for sale and because I bought it right nearly thirty years ago even if I sold it for half price I would make a tidy profit. Profit is not my goal in my collecting itís the beads, this said it makes no difference to me whether or not the strand sells.

I have to agree that most likely the main reason that the higher end strands are coming down in price is because they are not selling. I donít think people arenít interested, the bottom line is that the economy is in the toilet so there are little to no funds for things other than necessities.

Just my humble opinion .......... All my best .... Danny

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