I don't think it's that.....
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Posted by: rubyzane Mail author
04/02/2015, 11:38:57

but even at a great price, it's still a chunk of change for people to spend. Perhaps collectors are spending their large amounts on something they find the most special to them. I definitely don't see this as anyone feeling these beautiful chevrons are passe or collectors are following trends of chasing stone & glass beads only. I can only speak for myself, but I definitely find myself lusting after chevrons 1 year, & then carnelian the next year, & although I still love everything I collect, my moods & desires change like the weather. I'm sure a number of people would love to buy an incredible strand of chevrons like this, but may just not be able to. Just my thoughts..... I know that I would love to add these to my collection, but I have too many other things that I've recently found!!! oh well..... Lynne

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