I like that!
Re: lets call them "tributes" rather than fakes...? -- Stefany Post Reply Edit Forum Where am I?
Posted by: rubyzane Mail author
12/13/2014, 13:02:37

tributes....great way of describing our mistakes. I've definitely made mistakes, although don't have pictures or my camera handy to show right now, but unlike how "big" all of you have been, I still get angry or frustrated at myself! :) I do most of my buying on the internet as my life has not allowed me to travel much these past 12 years, & I've learned to ask more questions, see more pictures & try to know when it's important to jump & buy quickly or take more time to research. I'm sure I'll continue to make a mistake here & there, particularly as I start loving a new type of bead, a new tribe's work, etc. But it definitely makes me feel better hearing how all of you experts have done the same thing at times! So thanks for sharing...we are all definitely human, with flaws, thank God! :) Have a great weekend all. Lynne

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