Try a threadburner
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Posted by: beadiste Mail author
10/25/2014, 10:12:51

The Gemmological Institute uses a hotpoint tool (which they refer to as a "destructive test," in that it of course mars the piece being investigated).

I wonder if an inexpensive threadburner, easily available from Amazon, Rio Grande, Helby, EuroTool, etc etc would do the job of testing for paraffin and plastic filling? At least one wouldn't have to smash the bead or melt it with a large flame. Touching a few places around and in the holes might do the trick.

Especially if one has a microscope with which to view the process, or at least a loupe to see the results.

I've also found that using a stainless steel spoon to hold a few carefully carved chips over the gas burner on a stove works great to investigate aroma and melting.

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