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Posted by: lopacki Mail author
10/23/2014, 08:21:28

In your first image the green item looks like glass, the other two look like howlite. They may even be plastic. My daughter bought some Chinese made skull beads that looked like turquoise and asked me to grind the backs flat for a project, as soon as they hit the grinding wheel all you could smell was plastic. Do the hot pin test on them you might find out that they are in fact plastic.

The other beads in your second image are a mix most look like dyed stone a few howlite and who knows what else. I circled the one that might be turquoise in yellow and those in red I think are plastic.

The only way I could give a better answer is if I had them in my hands.

All my best .......... Danny

3_turquoise.jpg (108.9 KB)  

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