Dimly lit rooms...
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Posted by: Frederick II Mail author
09/25/2014, 23:25:55

Dear Jake,

I like this quote:
"My research is akin to an observer peering into a dimly lit room and trying to discern its contents."
-This is from Robert Liu in reference to Chinese Glass Beads.-
I feel this is an example of the candid dialog we need in order to benefit from this blog.
And I know you have this kind of humility. Which is one of the reasons I respect you.

Knowing I am not an expert, I base my judgment on my intuition formed by forty years
collecting, buying and selling all kinds of beads -especially Chinese and Japanese.
Artistic people are more apt to rely heavily upon their instincts; I am like that.

I have already spent a great deal of time looking at the bead in question...
and a great deal of time thinking about it...and an even greater length of time
typing my detailed opinion to share with others on Beadcollector.net;
I made a screen shot and used arrows to pinpoint my concerns.

It would be very interesting to hear what you have to say...
Disagreement adds wonderful drama to learning about beads.
Kindly take the time to tell us what you are referring to in Rosanna's post
concerning copies of Islamic beads -and tell us how this is relevant.

Your opinion is as useful as mine.

Just Fred

I have done my best.
This is all I can do.
Now I leave the rest
to each of you…

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