Here is a comparable copy I was able to find through a Google search
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Posted by: Frederick II Mail author
09/08/2014, 22:51:30

Hi Brigitte and Will,

This is a recent copy also. But I do not know where it was made. This "zig zag" pattern bead differs from baca-cara's "arcaded" or "festooned" bead in that it is a combed in both directions like my genuine Islamic one. And it has caps on both sides.

In antiquity, these types were sometimes capped on one side only; when like beads were strung together, it looked appropriate. Sometime afterward, a cap could be added around the other aperture to make a solitary bead appear to be complete.

Usually, it is difficult to feel certain of the antiquity of a bead without seeing it in person. And when viewed in a photograph, more experience is required. I have a great deal of empathy for dealers in antiquities; it is gambling at a highly artistic level, I feel. And very intuitive.

Just Fred

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