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Posted by: baca-cara Mail author
09/04/2014, 08:45:24

floorskap,you could very well be right! But this was not the judgement in question. My husband cannot judge type of this bead, region of original production and so on. He only looked at the pictures with HIS knowledge about glass which may originate from digging. So, he only looked at the glass itself. So, the bead HAS typical marks of being deposited in ground. But one need to see this in person to be SURE. The sinter spots in fact could perhaps easily washed off (sign of fake), all the "ancient" ground deposit marks may be too irregularily distributed for the bead to haven been a real dig find, aso. And To get the entire picture, you must add your knowledge too, which is more about the bead itself and the history of faking! At least that's the way we understood your question, and that's the reason we purchased this large fake bead - we have only a part of knowledge,an important part is missing, so we have at least one blue eye - not good for questionable beads buying :)

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