Thank you all for your input....
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09/04/2014, 07:41:05

... it is very valueable to me! I do believe you, I have read too many fake stories here in the forum to not believe in your knowledge. I jump in here from time to time and just read newest posts or so. But my husband still has "...but, but...."

If someone found a picture of a comparable bead would be great.

Thank you too for the link, I didn't know the Dutch website, it's a pleasure to browse, and I certainly will be buying some of the replicas, just because they are gorgeous and for reasonable prices.

With respect to the beads shown by me, thanks for your comments! floorkasp, you are right, the Roman bead is of very common shape, popular up to today, it is really difficult to judge at all. the soil they were deposited in was very good, not aggressive, so almost all beads are excellently preserved. . The small yellow one is the worst of the entire lot, there are more of this type, but different glass composition, and as well preserved as the other beads. There even were several amber beads unbroken and in great condition for their age (6th century AC)


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