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Posted by: Frederick II Mail author
09/03/2014, 01:09:07

There are no examples like this from the Islamic Era -even if it appeared to be old; and it does not appear to be old at all.

The problems are: The yellow is too bright. And due to lack of proper patina, the other colors are wrong too. The silhouette is too oval. The size is too large. The patina is actually false; the bead has been soaked in acid for a couple of hours, which created stress cracks and an evenly etched surface. An old one would have an uneven patina.

Hopefully this was an inexpensive beginning for you; and now you may be better equiped to train your eye to notice the differences in an old one. But if you should be lucky to find an old one, it could cost a lot of money for a good example. Given the opportunity, most bead collectors would never have the courage to pay in four figures for one glass bead.

May I ask where you found it?

Just Fred

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