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Posted by: Shinji Mail author
05/05/2014, 08:04:14

Hi will

It's always pleasure for me to talk with you here.
And thank you for your hesitation.

I have seen several hundreds kinds of mosaic beads newly made in Java,
But the quality of the top one don't look any new Indonesian mosaic beads I have seen.

That's the only reason why I can't stop believing I'm right.
So if someone show me the right examples I can change my mind easily
in this case.
Have you ever seen that kind of beads made in Java?

By the way the patina on the bowl looks artificial to me.
And quality of mosaic is same as the beads to me.
I think both(the bowl and beads) are fakes and the source of the bowl and the beads are same.
And the source is not Java.
Javanese don't make that kind of bowl as far as I know.
I don't know anyone who could make that kind of beads in Java 2 years ago.
This is my current idea.

The following is a reference.

I know the reason why that kind of Roman style mosaic beads appeared in Java suddenly.
They didn't know about that kind of beads before.
3-4 years ago one Japanese guy who can speak Javanese tried to start new business in Indonesia.
He brought some books about old beads from Japan and stayed at local village in east Java for several months and tried local beads maker to imitate popular ancient beads.
At first those kinds of beads were being sold only in Japan.
But they started to make more and more and tried to sell to other people.(This is normal way...)
Nowadays you can get them easily as much as you want.


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