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Posted by: shinji Mail author
05/04/2014, 18:49:32

Hi Floorkasp

If "the latest generation " means 2014 version,I have no idea.
(I have not visited there this year yet.)

I can say I have never seen that kind of mosaic beads in Java until September 2013.

And the same kind of fake(the top one) appeared in market in 2012 at least.
The quality of "the top one" is much better than Indonesian mosaic beads made in those days.
And it looks to be made by different process from Indonesian mosaic beads.

The first picture is the one that appeared in market in 2012.
The sencond picture is Indonesian mosaic beads made in 2012.


DSC_000120120106_161108.JPG (119.9 KB)  DSCF49982014-05-05_10-58-26.JPG (94.9 KB)  

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